Why Get a Chinese Domain: .cn

Why should an international organization have a .cn name?

In the next wave of global online business, Chinese domain(.cn) represents institutions everywhere with an opportunity to be successful in the Chinese market or social life. China has kept a growing rate of 7%-11% for more than a decade. It is a crucial time for companies or organizations to protect their internet identities in .CN. This secures the gate to China's huge marketplace.

Since Chinese government opened the .cn domain for public registration, more than 1 million domains in TLD .cn had been registered. Most of these domains are registered by domain speculators, who want to make a fortune in domain investing. Some did win a jackpot. It is reported that Google has redeemed two domains: and for more than 1 million dollars. This news has not only ignited the people around the world to register .cn domains, but also raises alerts to international business that has not yet established their cn domains.

Why a .cn domain is valuable to a business? A domain in .cn allows the registrant to protect well-established brand names in one of the largest marketplaces in the online world. A .cn domain provides localized identity for a business to get closer to the consumers in China.

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