How to Invest in China Domains: .cn

In 2003, China opened the .cn domain to people all over the world. The number of registered domains of .cn has exceeded one million. According to recent data, the daily number of registered domains is about 2000 to 3000. That's really a big number.

How to find out if a domain name has value?

1. General terms, for example, car, house, phone, etc. Also some acronym or some pinyin are good too, such as PC, shouji. The difficulty is that you need to act fast to grab these kind of domains. Right now, most of such kind of domains are gone.

2. Shortnames. For now, all domains with less than 3 characters are registered. The reason behind this is that short names are easy for visitor to remember and come back. It is valuable to a site. A guy had registered a domain in 1999 for his own use. In 2005, this domain was sold for 200K RMB, simply because C.Q. happens to stands for one of the biggest Chinese city name "Chong Qing".

3. Any famous brand names. Recently, google had paid big buck to get the domains and . Many world-famous brand name in .cn had already been registered. Though this could be a possible way to get rich, but the brand owner has a very good chance to win the case at the court to get back the domain name. So you must be prepared to fight in the court.

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